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Logistical Manufacturing Solutions

Zamna Manufacturing, has a firm conviction of strengthening itself as a global leader in sustainable manufacturing solutions. We help companies relocate the manufacturing or assembly of products for the North and South American markets from Asia to Mexico. With competitive labor rates, tax/duty benefits and efficient transport routes many companies are increasing their profit margins while decreasing their carbon footprint.  We are an American company with a subsidiary in Mexico operating under the IMEX program. 

Cargo Ship at the Port


Mexico's economic policies and regulatory environment are highly business-friendly. In terms of trade policies, Mexico is one of the most open countries in the world, with 12 free trade agreements with 44 countries. In terms of infrastructure, it has a great transport capacity, both by rail and by land, but the most interesting for Zamna Solutions is maritime, since the Port of Ensenada is a deep water port located on the west coast of the Baja California, only 110 kilometers from the state of California. It has cargo and passenger terminals.

Given its strategic location on the Pacific Coast, it has direct connections with 64 ports in 28 countries. Most of the ships that pass through this port come from Asia, North America and South America.


We have factories throughout Mexico manufacturing and assembling a broad range of products from HVAC Systems, Equine Products, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Apparel and Textile.

Our logistics team has over 300 tractor trailers located in Texas at the border for ground delivery throughout the U.S.

Zamna is always striving to operate more sustainably. The road to sustainability starts with efficiency and efficiency starts with logistics. Manufacturing product near the areas of primary distribution helps reduce the environmental impact of intercontinental shipping. Just as recycling doesn't stop plastic pollution renewable energy isn't going to solve climate change but by manufacturing and operating more efficiently we can take one step closer to becoming more sustainable and that in combination with the use of renewable energy start to reduce our carbon footprint.

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If you are interested or would like more info regarding manufacturing or assembly of your products in Mexico with Zamna Manufacturing please contact us.

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